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Home Sweet Home ..... Now What?

The excitement of bringing a Highland home never gets old. Many reading this chose the breed for various reasons and the qualities it offers, both endearing and functional. Each reason is distinct for the goals of the owner or breeder that each wish to accomplish and worthy aspirations. For some individuals it is the first experience with raising cattle or livestock. For others, there are decades of experience or generations of knowledge around raising animals and cattle production. Regardless of which journey an individual, family, or collective is on, achieving goals and dreams are further enhanced and encouraged by actively participating in regional associations. Surrounding oneself with like-minded individuals creates synergy and generates new ideas. It is where there is a collaboration of learning and processes speed up that would otherwise take significantly more time to do on one’s own. Participating in both the National and Regional Associations allows not only creative thinking and shared learning experiences but also provides camaraderie. Camaraderie is sadly a bigger problem recently and lacking for many with increased isolation because of COVID19 and now more than before a feeling and sense of belonging is important. Normalcy is needed regardless of geographical location, age, or gender to be part of something and be involved. Becoming part of a Regional association may just fit the bill to enjoy furtherment of the breed, shared experiences, passion, and love for the Grand Ol’ Breed while having lifelong friendships with others. If you don’t have a Regional association that you belong to, the South Central Highland Cattle Association is currently welcoming new members to its regional association.

Please contact us at ph. 940-828-9272 or to find out how you can get involved.

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